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New Year celebrations at Prashanthy Nilayam


The morning sessions of the New Year Celebrations at Prashnathy Nilayam in Puttarparthi were conducted under the auspices of Alumni of Bhagawan's Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning.

The morning session commenced with a scintillating band display by the Brass Band of Prasanthi Nilayam followed by 108 Ashtothara Namavali offering. Dr.K.Prasann Sai delivered the inaugural address. Sri.V.Suresh Krishna, alumnus at SSSIHL addressed the assembly.

Evening session commenced with a colourful march-past consisting of the flag-bearing squad that entered the sanctum sanctorum marching from the main entrance. Alumni Band played some soulful tunes.

Thereafter before the final presentation, a drama was performed by the alumni entitled The Ideal Brothers. The drama from the most ideal lives from the Treta Yuga depicted the poignant message of ideal service, presented in a pragmatic way, as narrated by Bhagawan HimSelf.







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