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Rauff Hakeem urges Speaker to conduct investigations into reports carrying allegations against him

Rauff Hakeem

Sri Lanka Muslim Congress Leader Parliamentarian Rauff Hakeem has urged Speaker and the other relevant officials to conduct an investigation into a recent report that a complaint had been lodged with Police Headquarters calling for his arrest.

Making a special statement in Parliament recently, Hakeem said:

"On January 18 2020, some newspapers carried a main news item of a complaint at the Colombo Police Headquarters made by an individual named Major Ajith Prasanna calling for my arrest.

The complaint was based on the television news item on October 23, 24 and 25 2019, that showed video clips of my visit to a hospital to inquire after Rilwan, the brother of the master mind behind Easter Sunday terror attack Zahran in 2017, and that I ought to be questioned in this regard.

This is certainly a vicious attempt completely contradicting the truth, made with treacherous intentions to slander me in the wake of impending elections.

In the aftermath of Easter Sunday carnage, numerous interrogations were carried out by the CID and the TID on multiple dimensions of the suicide terror attacks carried out by Zahran Hashim and Rilwan and few others.

In addition to this, related reports were also prepared by the Parliamentary Select Committee and a Presidential Commission. Up to until this day I could endorse that neither myself nor my party members have been accused of any alleged links with these terrorists.

In the wake of the presidential election in 2019 too, many vicious theatricals were staged to implicate me with these terrorists, to cause disrepute and disharmony. At this instance too I have spoken in Parliament and in media conferences clarifying my position and dispelling baseless accusations.

I have explained the circumstances of my visit to the hospital in the Video clip concerned earlier. It happened in the immediate aftermath of M L A M Hizbullah’s defeat at the General elections held in 2015. Mr Hizbullah contesting under the SLPA got embolden by his appointment to the national list by former President Maithripala Sirisena and promoted violent attacks with swords and knives and explosives on his local political opponents on August 20 and 21 2012 in Kattankudy

Amidst such chaos, I visited the Kattankudy hospital to see those injured on August 22 2015. On my visit to a mosque that had come under attack, many gathered there were incensed over the appointment of Hizbullah as a national list MP and were vociferously expressing their disapproval. I noted in the so called video that Zahran too has been seated amidst those crowds gathered that day.

Moreover my meeting with those injured in the hospital, post August 22 violence was open, public event and was not a clandestine secret meeting. I visited the hospital in the presence of DIG Batticaloa, other police officers and media.

Unfortunately, nobody knew that anyone of them who were in hospital was a terrorist or potential terrorists at that time. I wish to strongly assert with absolute conviction and sincerity to my conscience the fact of having had no such knowledge about them myself.

I find it absolutely deplorable that some TV channels are taking turns in repeatedly showing of this video of my visit to Kattankudy with different harmful opinions, spreading harm to community peace and assassinating my character with no conscience or sense of remorse.
I am being totally falsely accused repeatedly, of an uncommitted or unintended alleged crime with delirious propensity.

Although the terror attacks on Easter Sunday were carried out by those bearing Muslim names, anyone with a deep knowledge of Islam would out rightly condemn such terrorist acts as un-Islamic.

This dastardly act, while has indubitably deeply blotched our history, attempts are being made to intentionally destroy and damage my long years of untainted political credulity, good will among all communities and personal character.

I kindly implore on Mr Speaker and the respected officials to take immediate steps to investigate these allegations against me.

I wish to place on record with deep sense responsibility, that I will extend my fullest cooperation in this regard.

I wish to take this opportunity to quote from Buddha’s teaching in Anguttara Nikaya where he reminds us not to trust what is simply declared by others, but to ultimately trust only your own direct experience and reality.

He implores on his followers not to blindly get carried away with traditional, given certitudes, but to question them and believe in them only after reasoning them out, subject to satisfaction of your intellect.

According to Kalama Sutta, we ought to distinguish the so-called truth that meets our naked eyes from the truth that lies beyond immediate perception. What meets our eyes could be deceptive."








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