Neither Govt, nor JO can claim victory over Karunanayake’s resignation: Handunetti


The COPE Chairman, JVP Parliamentarian Handunnetti has stated that neither the government nor the Joint Opposition can claim victory over the resignation by Former Foreign Minister Karunanayake.

He expressed his contentment over the progress made on bond scam investigations following the special COPE report and thanked the tireless contribution of all COPE members including the Auditor General in the investigations.

He was speaking in the Adjournment debate in Parliament yesterday. He stated that those in the Government must understand that they still have a long way to go to restore the broken public confidence in them and their good governance concept. Resigning after frauds were revealed does not reflect any ‘Yahapalanaya’. The Finance Minister having to resign within two years is not in any way an achievement for the Government. It could have been better if Minister Karunanayake had tendered his resignation much earlier. He resigned knowing that he could not defeat the No-Confidence Motion.

He added that on the other hand, the Joint Opposition should not think that all their previous frauds and corruption charges could be covered up from this incident. People gave mandate to the Government to reveal financial misappropriations of those who previously ruled. The Government has failed in this commitment. The JO could be contended today only if there are no thieves in their group. If follow up actions were taken on the revelations made in the four latest COPE reports, some of the Opposition MPs would even be compelled to resign from their Parliamentary seats.

He told the government that the challenge before it is to dispel the public opinion that the Government protects the corrupt lot. At the same time the Government must rule the country efficiently. The investigations should continue to find out what happened to the cheated money. Measures must be taken to recover the economic loss to the country from the bond scam.




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