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War didn’t weaken democracy, weakening of democracy caused the war: Anura


JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanyaka has observed that war didn’t weaken democracy. It was weakening of democracy that caused the war.He was Addressing parliament on the Vote of Commemorating the 70th anniversary of parliamentary democracy in Sri Lanka.

In his address, he observed: “We had mighty kings. The king was the law. That period came to an end with the dawn of colonial period. Those colonial powers bestowed us with a system which enabled the people to elect their rulers. That system has certain amount of democratic features

Some had identified parliament as the centre of democracy, but that was wrong, a misconception. If the walls of the chamber could speak they would confirm what I say.

This is the place where democracy has been manipulated by those who ruled this country from time to time.

This place has a dubious reputation as a place responsible for the country’s ills. This parliament passed laws legitimizing the Criminal Justice Commission to mete out punishments without hearing cases.

This is the place where the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution was passed where MPs put up their hands shamelessly to extend their terms for six more years without going for elections.

This is the place where suppressive laws were passed for the benefit of rulers despite public displeasure.

This place failed to ensure democracy and paved the way for the war which ravaged this nation for 30 years. The main cause of the war was deprivation of rights of people who could see no other alternative but to take up arms.

This is the place which legitimized that deprivation of rights. This place also legitimised a process where one person appointed the judge for a court set up by him to obtain the rulings he wanted.

There are many instances of injustice, which tarnished the name of this parliament during the last 70 years. Seventy budgets have been passed here. How many fairy tales were told when those budgets were passed? How many promises were made?

Parliament has been made use of to create inequality. This place failed to bring about mechanism to build our nation or an inclusive national identity.

This place made laws which perpetuated the divide and rule policy. Parliament’s 70 year history was tarnished with periods of public oppression, corruption and bloodshed.”



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