The miraculous power and Pancharatha


By “Kalabooshanam” Chelvathamby Maniccavasagar

Matale is an ancient historical town and even pilgrims from India visit this holy temple. The chariot festival of Matale Muthu Mariamman temple has taken place from generation to generation, where Sri Lankans irrespective of race,religion and caste participate in large numbers.

Though the holy chariots were made out of sandal wood was burnt during the 1983 ethnic riots, this festival was revived ten years later due to the tremendous efforts by the Kovil administration under the leadership of its President Dr.T.Marimuththu Chettiar..

Hindu temples are intended to Instruct men in the art of  removing the veil of attachment that covers their hearts. Thus, the renowned poet Thiagarajah cried in the temple of Thirupathi. “Remove the veil, O! remove the veil within me, the veil of pride and hate”

In fact, the temples are centres of discipline where the aspirant is guided step by step to attain a vision of

the truth. They are schools for the training of the spirit, academics for the promotion of sastric studies, they are institutes of super science.

Lord Shiva without Sakthi is all stillness, silence. It is Sakthi which stirs him to motion and speech. If Shiva symbolizes cosmic energy in its passive form, Sakthi symbolizes it in the dynamic form. Further, it is difficult to separate one from the other and hence the concept of  ‘Ardha Narisa.The manifest universe is the Handiwork of Sakthi. In fact, the ‘Varaha Purana’ explains Sakthi in the form of Durga. The compassion she shows, not only to her children, but also to the community has no parallel.

Besides Sri Muththumari Amman in Matale has done several miraculous deeds to her devout devotees. In fact several years ago a woman who lost her“thali”during a Ther festival got it back with the grace of Goddess Sri Muththumari Amman.

It is very often said that the creator of the universe Brahma resides in the Naval of Lord Vishnu. Similarly inThe hearts of men reside the creative urge and faith of the world. This is clearly evident from the manner the people of Matale pray to Goddess Arulmigu Sri Muththumari Amman.

Let us pray to Matale Muththumari Amman and utter Her pure name and contemplate and surrender ourselves at Her Lotus feet for the progress and success of our lives and also for the everlasting peace and racial harmony in Sri Lanka.






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