Message from All Ceylon Hindu Congress


Chariot Festival, a sacred ritualistic ceremony

ARULMIGU SRI MUTHUMARI AMMAN is a historic Hindu Temple and it is believed that it was built 200 years ago.

The history records how Her Almighty Amman appeared as a cute little girl on the premises and on the same day Goddess Pathini had appeared in a dream of an old pious devotee named Nallamuttu and made him to build this temple. 108 feet tall Raja Koparan adds to the majesty of this Temple.

The 'Ther' Festival of this Temple is a significant day in the calendar of the Hindus of this country. The statutes of Shri Ganeshan, Sivan Ambal, Lord Murugan, Goddess Pattiru and Shandeshavarer are taken in chariots along the streets of Matale.

Five 'Thers' parading through the streets of Matale is considered a sacred ritualistic ceremony in which the Hindus and also Buddhists and others participate.

On behalf of the Hindus of this country we also join in prayers to Her Almighty Sakthi on this significant festival day. Let peace and harmony prevail in this country by Her Grace.







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