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End 71 year rule by UNP, SLFP, elect NPP for prosperity: Vijitha Herath appeals to masses

Vijitha Herath

Information Secretary of the JVP Parliamentarian Vijitha Herath has appealed to the masses to end the 71 year rule by the traditional parties namely UNP and SLFP that have ruined the island and elect the National People’s Power presidential candidate to lead the country towards prosperity.

He was addressing the media at the JVP Head Quarters at Pelawatte recently. During his meeting with the media, Herath said:

“Throughout last 71 years, the country has been ruled by the SLFP and UNP governments dragging the country to an 'economic precipice' and even after the two parties got together there was no change. Our country has been dragged to this economic precipice by the UNP and SLFP regimes.

There is no need for family rule and people have asked for an alternative political leadership. With the presidential election on 16th November, the future political path of the country will be decided. The SLFP that was "in the doldrums" until recently couldn't decide where to turn and finally decided to tow the SLPP line joining the Rajapaksa family rule. What happened was that the SLFP joined the Rajapaksa family rule. Bandaranayake family rule was transformed into Rajapaksa family rule. As a result, the genuine SLFP party member does not have a political party to identify himself with. The SLFP has already dissolved and faded in the Rajapaksa family rule.

JVP has entered the presidential race with the leadership of Janatha Vimukthi P was eramuna (JVP) leader Anura Dissanayake to bring forward a new political leadership that will build and protect the country and the symbol that would guide the country and people on the correct path is the 'Compass'.

We have entered the forthcoming presidential election to direct the country that has been taken astray on a correct path, and the symbol that takes the country along the correct path is the 'compass'. The people in the country could be assured regarding accountability and responsibility and the front that competes under the 'compass' symbol displays to make this society a virtuous one."


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