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We will roll back 19A, enact a new constitution … Basil

Basil Rajapaksa

Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) National Organizer Basil Rajapaksa has stated that the new government would not only repeal 19 A but it would go one step further and enact a new constitution on being elected to power.

He made this observation while speaking to reporters for the first time since the Parliamentary Election was announced. During his media briefing, Basil said:

“ We are confident of winning a two-thirds majority, and pledge to not only roll back the 19th Amendment, but also bring in a new Constitution. Enacting a new Constitution has already been included in the President’s manifesto launched last year. It will help the country to address long-lasting issues and expedite development.

The existing Constitution has been amended 19 times. I think it is time to bring in a fresh Constitution to address the shortcomings of the existing Constitution. This is why we need a strong majority in Parliament, so that we can bring in a new constitution without undue influence, and we will not be held hostage by anyone.

The economy will be the top priority of the Government after the Parliamentary Elections. We hope that the country will experience a “V-shaped” COVID-19 recovery. Sri Lanka’s exports managed to earn $ 950 million in June alone. This is a positive sign that the economy was on the path to making a faster-than-expected recovery from COVID-19. This is a positive sign and a huge victory for us as a country. In April we only managed to earn $ 250 million from exports, therefore this is not a ‘U-shaped’ recovery, this is a ‘V-shaped’ recovery, which shows we are capable of doing well despite the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the global economy.

This shows Sri Lanka is performing well, while the rest of the world is facing difficulties to continue their economic activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As regards signing the US Millenium Challenge Agreement, international amendments cannot be abolished overnight, as the constitution has permitted agreements. We are attempting to make certain amendments that will please both parties. The MCC agreement if signed would see a 480 million US dollar grant being given to Sri Lanka for transport and land administration projects in the country.

A final decision will be reached only after a broad discussion with the public adhering to the recommendations given by the committee that was appointed to study this compact.”







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