Perpetrators of crimes must not be protected: Sarath Fonseka


Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka has stated that the people expect the leaders not to protect the perpetrators of crimes and every state leader should understand that taking action against the perpetrators is a clear indication that he is on the side of the people.

"It is unfair to the people to protect wrongdoers just because they wear a uniform, and called as a war hero. Every politician, every head of state should understand it, “ he said.

He was addressing a meeting in Kiribathgoda. He went on that leaders should understand that it is an injustice to the people to protect wrongdoers because they put on a uniform and were called war heroes. Former Sri Lankan heads of state punished the accused high-ranking officials for violating human rights. He pointed out that leaders of previous governments punished the soldiers and officers, who committed murders and rapes, on behalf of the people.

"We know that in the past no difference was made for soldiers. Those who were accused of murder and rape of Manamperi were hanged and the accused of murder of Embilipitiya students including majors and captains were jailed. Then the leaders of the government took decisions in favor of the people. They punished the criminals. The leaders should always be on the side of the people," he further observed.




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