Fraudsters try to make Weeratunge, Palpita heores: Uditha Thera


Secretary of the National Bhikku Peramuna, Ven. Wakumulla Uditha Thero has charged that moves are made on a large scale to make the two convicts Weeratunge and Palpita as heroes. The moves are made by persons who were engaged in the frauds of the past regime, to win a saintly ideology for former President’s secretary Lalith Weerathunga through his imprisonment.

He was addressing a media meeting. He said: “The former government is the most corrupted regime in Sri Lankan history. The offenders of the Rajapakse regime are trying to win a new ideology for those who were imprisoned due to their shortcomings and to mislead the law.

However, the law does not exempt allegations that are levied against the present government by the misdeeds of the former government. It is compulsory for the Yahapalana government to take an action against the corrupters of the Central Bank bond scam. We, by any mean, do not agree that the corruptions of the present government could be justified by bringing to light the corruptions of the former government.”




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