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Like Mahinda, govt too takes advantage of 13 th amendment: Amarasekera


Dr.Gunadasa Amarasekara has charged that like former President Mahinda Rajapaske the current government too attempts to take advantage of the 13 th amendment.

He was speaking to the media. He stated that the government is misleading the public by circulating fallacies of a new constitution in order to fully impose the clauses of the 13th Constitutional amendment. The general populace is oblivious to the developments made by the government in formulating a new constitution.

He went on that the Joint Opposition is not challenging the acts of the ruling party showing its ulterior motives to solidify the powers of the 13th amendment. There are several clauses of the 13th amendment that require immediate attention. Both the government and the opposition are conveniently avoiding such problematic clauses and are instead debating on minor technicalities. The enforcement of the 13th amendment will result in the transformation of Sri Lanka into a Federal state.



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