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Devotees revere Guruji Sri Sri Ravishankar on his 65th Birthday

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

 - By Rev. Sister Concelia H C

“Something we have heard and seen with our own eyes; Something we have touched and have carefully watched is that what gives life.” (1 John 1:3)

There are Personalities who touch the lives of millions of people and bring about a phenomenal or even astonishing changes in their lives. One such person in our modern world is Guruji Sri SriRavishankar whose Birthday falls on the 13th May.

The general belief that No. 13 is unlucky seemed to have been nullified by him, for he is the world esteemed Spiritual Leader and a Humanitarian, who has touched the lives of more than 450 millions of people, in over 156 countries. One has only to open ‘You tube’ to confirm this and see for oneself, how he mingles himself with crowds in different countries and how they listen to his speeches. To have such a ramification on millions of people all over the world within a short period of 28 years is something ‘incredible’ in general parlance. But it is happening before our eyes. “We are made one with we touch and see” Oscar Wild’s statement endorses Sri Sri Ravishankar’s devotees’ sentiments.

On nearing Sri SriRavishankar one senses a Vibrating Divine Inspiration: he speaks so softly and his eyes communicates wonder, love and compassion of the Divine, while his agile lean, physique clad in simple white dotty displays a child like mischievousness, innocence coupled with wisdom that treats a friend, a foe, a wrong doer an alien alike in a loving way.

His vision is ‘one world family’ with the commitment to bring about “stress free and violence free society’. Sri Sri Ravishankar who is endearingly called by his devotees as ‘Grurji’ seemed to have been very unique even when he was a child. At the age of three he was taken to a teacher, who was Mahathma Gandhi’s Secretary to learn Bhagavad Geetha. The teacher was confused and was racking her memories to recall a particular verse; to her incredulity and wonderment the babe Grurji had devoutly and meaningfully recounted not only that particular verse but the whole chapter showing he is beyond learning.

In order to fulfill his parent’s desire, he completed a degree in modern science at the age of 17, but his whole being was bent in leading a life that is very close to the Divine, which kept him seeking silence and more silence in communicating with God in meditation.

It is in this union with God in solitude that he received the gift of ‘SudharshanKriya’ which, he gifted as his legacy to humanity, to free them from stress and violence. And this great energy passed beyond all man made manacles, berries and labels such as race, religion, caste, culture and class and has touched the lives of innumerable peoples as one family.

He would often say “close your eyes, look within. In the very atom of your DNA cell you will find the same God called by different Names’: His name is ‘Lift’, ‘Consciousness’, ‘Supreme Being’, ‘Jesus’, ‘Shiva’, ‘Allah’ and so on.

Therefore, all life is equal and sacred and not one should go waste. “He encourages his devotees to build a New World. He is committed and wanted everyone to observe the ‘Satvic; way of lift in every level; food, speech, action so that a humanity that is stress free and violence free can be formed. It is then is a moment the life is to be celebrated.

Sri SriRavishankar conscientiously and seriously instills the idea in the minds of all who listen to him that every human being has the responsibility towards his fellow human, as well as his society and the environment. This he does by playing his role exactly the way the divine wanted.

Sri SriRavishankar seems to have ingrained the ancient wisdom of 16 th century dramatist – William Shakespeare, who says “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances: and one man in his time plays many parts.” The manifold humanitarian enterprises, besides his spiritual teachings and his way of life amply prove that he ‘plays many parts’ in toto.

As Sri Sri Ravishankar celebrates his day of coming to this earth on a mission, in a very silent simple way on the 13 th of May, we wish him all what his heart aspires for humanity to be realized in full, so that his joy may abound!.

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