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Life and guru are inseparable.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Your life itself is Guru tattva. Throw light on your own life. The wisdom that shines through your life is to be honoured. That is honouring Guru. Life has taught you so many things. Reflect upon your life and ponder what have you done right, and what you haven’t and honour the wisdom that life has offered to you.

Wisdom is Guru tattva, is Guru principle. So within you guru principle is there, wisdom is there. Within each and everyone, there is wisdom. Throw light on that, wisdom dawn's on your life.

When wisdom comes, honour the wisdom. When we stop honouring wisdom darkness will take over. That's when there’s no full moon. Mind is moon. When the mind is filled with wisdom and is shining, it is Guru Purnima. So when you honour what life has taught you, every day could be Guru Purnima in your life. Many times we disregard the wisdom received, close our eyes and gallop on our desires. The giver is giving anyway. He has given you a lot.

First thing you need to take upon this guru Purnima is, honouring the wisdom you have received and second is, utilize the gifts you have been given. You have been bestowed with so many blessings. Use the best blessings which have come your way. Then, you will get more. The giver is giving tirelessly and doesn’t even want any recognition and he makes you feel that it is your own. The giver keeps giving you, makes you feel that it is your own achievement;’ Your own.’

Giver has no end. He is not tired of giving. The giver gives. The Infinity keeps giving you in plenty, in abundance and what we got we need to put that into good use, better use it.

You have been given good speaking skills. Then put it into good use. Don't use your speech for blaming, complaining, and saying negative things.

You have been given brilliant intellect. Use the intellect. I don't know why many are so stingy in using their intellect. It seems older the wine, it becomes more expensive and better. Like that the more you use your intellect, it becomes better. The more we put it into good use, it becomes sharper and brilliant. Don't think you will lose your intellect by using it. Only if you don’t use it, you will lose it. Put good use of your intellect.

You have a melodious voice. Make good use of that. What we have been given, we should put it into good use, not just for yourself, good use for the society, for the world. The divinity lives in the world. So serving the world is doing the puja to the divine. Honour the wisdom; your life gets elevated when you are honouring the wisdom.

When you realize these two, you become so grateful. When you're grateful and are filled with that emotion, full of love and devotion, it is so pleasing to the Infinity. That is it. Though there is a guru hiding in each one of you and is throwing the light of wisdom, do Aarti there to the Guru inside.

What does Doing aarti means? Ecstasy. Getting into such an ecstasy with wisdom, throwing light on what life has brought to us.- what is real what is unreal what's right and what's not right,why we chose that which is not right, what tempted us to do that and what is right and what is wrong. This you don't have to ask somebody. Something inside you tells you. Something inside you tells this is right, this is wrong. Honour that. This is so simple, utterly simple yet so profound.

Another beautiful thing is being righteous and not ascertaining your righteousness. Like someone gives you a gift and then they say, they make you feel that they have given you a gift; is it a gift? Ten times if someone is saying that he is giving you a gift, and gives you a toffee in your hand, what do you say? “keep it to yourself I don't need it”. In the same way, when we are righteous, do not ascertain the righteousness, saying, “I am right I am right.”

Ascertaining the righteousness brings anger, brings frustration and makes you wrong in some other sense. In one sense you may be right in another sense you are wrong. Being right and not ascertaining rightness, being pure and not being proud of purity, being generous and not showcasing your generosity, being wise and yet not blowing your own trumpet are important . If we keep saying, “look I’m wise I am wise,” it takes the juice out of it. Being wise and being natural is absolutely simple. Be ready to be fool sometimes as well.

So it is such beautiful wisdom. Such beautiful wisdom, your own life brings this upon and that is reflected on. Reflecting on life again and again is very good. Some people are walking the same route up and down, not knowing where the Door is, where to enter. This is where we need a guide. A Guru Observing little, little things all along can give you so many lessons.

There is a story about one saint. I think it's about Ramdas. He was taking a walk early in the morning in a village. A lady was cleaning in front of her house and she was calling out, hey “Rama wake up how long, how long are you going to Sleep, till when will you be sleeping “or something like that.” She was calling her son who was sleeping inside, a young boy whose name was also Rama.

So when she cried hey Rama wake up and this saint, who was walking by heard that, whose name was also Ram, he suddenly said.” Ho, somebody is telling me to wake up, that moment he really woke up.”. He said, “After that I never slept. I got so changed.” His mind was going to the past and future. Nobody had told him what is to be done. Mind takes you on such a trip. Our mind creates, its own Maya, its own world its own bubble, and we keep going around in our own bubble.

We see the whole world through our own glasses and assume everything is that way. This is viparyaya. Viparyaya means wrong coloured vision, not the right vision, not sutharshan but colored vision. So it's the guru tattwa, the light of our Life, the wisdom in life makes you wake up and see, “Oh, that's how it is.”

That is the bubble we are in. guru tattva is coming out of that bubble, throwing light on your life. Throw light on the wisdom life has offered to you. Then you will see that the judgments become correct gradually. Now 90% of your judgments are, maybe wrong and 10% is right. It should reverse actually . 90% should be correct ten% should be wrong .it's okay to have one or two wrong.

So, life is guru, your own life is your guru. Life and guru are inseparable. As the Guru and wisdom are inseparable, life and wisdom should be inseparable. But sometimes we live our life without Wisdom. Then there is no guru thattva, not honoring the Guru. And this is what we have to do again and again - Recollect.

And the intellect has to soak in it again and again. This is satsang. Satsang is what? “The company of the trut, the company of the wise, company of wisdom within you, with the truth.”

(Divine discourse on the ‘Significance of Guru Poornima’ delivered by Sri Sri Ravishankar in Montreal, Canada on Jully 11, 2011)

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