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Livelihood Assistance to five mothers in Kothandanochiya Kulam


Five needy mothers in Kothandanochiya Kulam in the Vanni region were given a cow each to help their families enhance the quality of their lives under the patronage of a project funded by friends of Michigan and coordinated by Manitha Neyam Trust. Manitha Neyam Trust Vanni coordinator Sutharsan was also present.

Swamy Rishi Thondunathan who graced the event to hand over the livelihood assistance addressed the event. He said: "One of the war-affected villages in the Vanni region is Kothandanochiya Kulam. It is a small farming village in the Vavuniya district, and one of the most remote villages I visited in Sri Lanka. We had to travel 6 kilometers on a dirt road, through a forest area to reach this village. Around 80 families are living and farming in this village. Even several years after the war, many people in this area are still struggling to rebuild their lives, especially the single mothers raising their children.

There are not many job opportunities in this village for these mothers. They do manual labor on the farms, but even that is seasonal work. Recently we selected five mothers in this village - each would receive a dairy cow - all in an effort to help their families enhance the quality of their lives. This village has plenty of grazing land for the cows, so they don't need to buy cow feed. Also, there are already customers who will come and buy milk from their village."







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