The presiding deity at Koneswaram


By V.Varathasuntharam

It is with great piety that the pilgrims on the Swamy Rock worship Siva Lingam, the presiding deity installed in the sanctum sanctorum of Koneswaram temple.

The symbol of Siva is Siva Lingam. it portrays Siva –Sakthy. Siva Linga worship that had existed during the Indus Valley Civilization and the Vedic Age, represents the form and formlessness of God. It is explained that Siva Lingam portays the form of God because it has an oval shape. Siva Lingam depicts formlessness since it has neither a head nor a limb.

Maha Sivarathry Fast –the glorious night dedicatedd to Siva,  reveals the concept of Siva lingam. The legend behind this fast is that once there was a quarrel between Brahma, the creator and Vishnu the Protector, as to who was great. In order to resolve this dipute between the Creator and the Protector, Lord Siva revealed Himself, as a great column of light emerging from the depthless bottom and infinite ascent and instructed that whoever found the top and the bottom could be declared great.

Vishnu in the form of a boar tunneled underneath towards the base of the earth whereas Brahma in the form of a swan took flight upward towards thezenith to find the summit.

Totally exhausted Brahma and Vishnu found their efforts to be   in vain. Lord Siva in his mercy revealed himself to both of them in the form of Siva Lingam on the Sivarathiry Day.

The Siva Lingam enshrined in the sanctum sanctrum of this temple has a special significance for it was brought from the banks of the holy Ganges in the Himalayas on the initiatives of a great devotee Sathu Seevaratnam.

Another significance of this Siva Lingam is that it was blessed by Swamy Sivananda in the Himalayas. He established the Forest University in the Rishikesh and founded the Divine Life Society. 









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