Message of Hindu College OBA Canada


Kumbaabishekam is a powerful spiritual ritual at temples for the well being of the society. Kumbabaishekam at sacred Thirukoneswaram, is of greater significance because of its antiquity and sanctity.

Gandhi Periyar’s Message


Thirukoneswaram has been a great influence in the life of the Saivaite people of this island. Its influence is seen in every village in the district of Trincomalee.

Message of World Saiva Council

Saint Sampanthar hails Lord Konesar as one more compassionate than an affectionate mother - 'தாயினும் நல்ல தலைவர்'.

Message from All Ceylon Hindu Congress


We have learnt from the historical records that Tirukonamalai is the Tamil name for Trincomalee. 'Tiru kon mala';* Tiru in Tamil means "sacred", 'Kon'(Gsr6u) a king of God,'Malai' - a mountain or hill. Thirukonamali is accordingly the sacred hill of God.









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