A Hindu Scholar’s Message for Kumbabishekam 2015


Darshan of Kumbabaiaheakam is a blessing and the dharshan of kumbaabishekam of a sacred Ishwaram like Koneswaram is indeed a greater blessing. The divine energy of the shrine is sanctified by the ceremony and the chanting of the manthras to radiate for the well being of humanity.

We, the Hindus, not only of Trincomalee and Sri Lanka but also of the whole world, are highly indebted to the Trustees of Koneswaram Paripalana Sabhai not only for the conduct of the Kumbaabishekam but much more than that for the dedication with which they conduct the affairs of this ancient holy shrine in adherence with the precepts of Saivaite rituals and restore its pristine glory.

Om Shanthy! Om Shnathy! Om Shanthy!

Sandrasegarampillai Jayachandren

     (A Hindu Scholar )   

Message from Koneswaram Temple Trustees


It is prescribed that Maha Kumbaabishekam must be held every twelve years in all Hindu temples. Yet, due to the disharmony in the island, Maha Kumbaabishekam could not be conducted in several temples as prescribed inAgamas. Thrikoneswaram was no exception. Following Lord Koneswarar’s blessing, it has become possible to conduct the Maha Kumbabishekam on February 11. That it is a glad tiding is evident from the cheer on the faces of devotees who participated in hundreds and thousands at sacred oil anointing ceremony.

Three Maha Kumbaabishekams have been held in this temple during our lifetime. The first kumbaabishekam was on Jan3, 1963, the second was on Jan 25, 1981  and third was on Feb11, 1993. The fourth is to be held on Feb11, 2015. What is unique is that the fourth is going to be held on the identical date and month of the third Kumbabaishekam. This did not strike us when we finalized the date of Balasthabanam and kumbaabishekam. It became evident to us only when we referred the souvenir of earlier kumbaabishekams.

Despite several hurdles such as renovations, new constructions, delay in getting clearance from authorities, continual rains, today, the Maha Kumbaabishekam has become a reality due to the untiring efforts, sacrifice and dedication by the Trustees and volunteers.

We are delighted to send a message to the launch of a Web supplement in Omlanka News Website to mark the Maha Kumbaabishekam of Thirukoneswaram.  

Kanapathipillai Arulsubramaniam

Secretary, Koneswara Temple Trustees 

Message of Colombo Saiva Munnetra Kalakam


May Vidaikodiyar Lord Konesar bless us!

Maha Kumbaabishekam of a temple is a significant Hindu religious ritual. The significance is all the more important when it is the kumbaabishekam of an ancient Paadal Pettra Sthalam such as Koneswaram .

The trustees of this temple need to be complimented for the great service they render to this great shrine that has been venerated by Hindus all over the world for centuries.

We pray to Lord Madumai Amman sameda Konesar alighted on the vehicle Vidai to bless us with harmony.

Vidaikodi Chelvar Dr. S.Dhanabalaa

Patron, Colombo Saiva Munnetra Kalakam











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