Message of Hindu College OBA Canada


Kumbaabishekam is a powerful spiritual ritual at temples for the well being of the society. Kumbabaishekam at sacred Thirukoneswaram, is of greater significance because of its antiquity and sanctity.

The antiquity of Thriukoneswaram dates back to the Ramayana period, while its sanctity is heightened by celebrated hymns sung by Saiva Saint Thirugnanasampanthar, the pilgrimage to this place of worship by Lord Rama, Agasthiyar and so on.

This is a temple that has withstood the onslaughts of natural disasters, religious persecution, invasions, atrocities etc throughout the annals of its chequered history and enabled the Hindu devotees of this soil to retain their entity.

As I send this message on this holy occasion from Canada, with delight and in humility, my mind is flooded with nostalgic memories of our young days at this holy shrine on the hilltop and our participation in religious worship.

The Temple trustees deserve our praise for their devoted service. May Mathumai Amman Udanurai Lord Koneswarar shower His choicest blessings on all of us for good heath, prosperity and universal peacee.

Kunchithapatham Thayanithy
OBA Hindu College, Canada









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